What a shame! Your item does not fit or does not meet your expectations. Annoying of course. You can exchange or return your item at Simeon Vintage within our return period of 7 days. We use a return portal which makes returns easy for you. Don't forget to use a # before your order number!

Note: Products purchased in the sale cannot be returned!

How does returns work?
We help you with all the steps so that you can return your package flawlessly.
  1. Place the items you wish to return in the original packaging in which the items arrived.
  2. Go to and fill in your order details.
  3. Print the return ticket and stick it on the package.
  4. Take the package to a delivery point near you.
  5. You will receive the value of the returned items on your account within 7 working days after receipt. The shipping costs will be deducted from this value.

Return Requirements
    • Please return the item in its original packaging.
    • Only return the item if the product is not visibly worn, damaged or incomplete.

    Please note: If the return does not meet the requirements, we are not obliged to collect the items.

    Return shipping costs

    The return costs are for your own account and amount to:
    The Netherlands €5.99
    Belgium €8.99

    If you want to exchange your items for something else, we recommend that you return your items, after which you can easily choose something else. We can add a shop credit to your account.