About Us

Simeon's mission

In the summer of 2020, the idea arose to inspire people to wear more vintage clothing. Not only to protect the environment and combat the 'fast fashion' industry, but also to offer people the opportunity to be unique. This idea soon grew into a large community, where you can be yourself, comfortable and unique in what you wear. Simeon Vintage makes this possible through its diverse range of unique items. 

Our mission is to bring high-quality authentic vintage clothing to the market, to make people feel unique and fashionable and at contribute to the environment.

“My clothing often consisted of vintage or worn clothing. I would like to inspire other people to do this too. The best feeling is finding clothes that are exclusive and rare. With Simeon Vintage I want to show people that vintage clothing is the future. I think it is important to think about the environment as well as developing yourself to look good and feel good about yourself.”

- Simeon
Owner Simeon Vintage