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Order & Delivery

What is the delivery time?

Next-day shipping applies from Monday to Friday and will be delivered the next day. You do not pay shipping costs for fast delivery. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped on Monday and delivered on Tuesday. Different delivery times apply for orders abroad.

Can I also collect my order?

Unfortunately it is not (yet) possible to collect your order.

What are the delivery costs?

Netherlands:orders from €75 free shipping and €5.50 below.

Belgium orders from €75 free shipping and €5.99 below.

The rest of Europe: orders from €99 free shipping and below €9.99

I have not yet received a confirmation email

You will receive a confirmation in your email within an hour (always check your spam). Unfortunately, we cannot always prevent emails from ending up in the spam box. Therefore, always check first whether the email you are missing is there. If not, you can always contact us by email.

Where can I contact customer service?

Always first check whether your question is included in our frequently asked questions to get a quick answer to your question.

You will always receive a response within 3 working days (weekends not included).

You can contact our customer service by email via this page.

My item has damage

Super annoying! We always report all damages, but sometimes we overlook something. We would like to sincerely apologize that the item was not in the desired condition when you received it. Please note that it is vintage and may have minor damage (see disclaimer). It is our responsibility to ensure that every item we ship is in good condition, despite being vintage.

We normally carefully check each item for stains and damage before shipping, to ensure ensure that our customers always receive good quality. In the case of your sweater, something clearly went wrong in this process, and we would like to sincerely apologize for this.

We want you to be satisfied and to remain a customer of Simeon Vintage.

Always send us an email to incl with photos of any damage and we will immediately offer you a suitable solution.

My package is missing

First of all, how annoying that your package may be lost! If this happens, please contact us and the carrier first by email. The standard procedure is to investigate with the carrier to see where your package is located. This can take 5 to 20 working days. Always check on your neighbors.

I entered the wrong address on my order

Contact our customer service directly. If you are lucky, your package has not yet arrived and we can change the address with our carrier. We will do our utmost to help you, but if the package has already been shipped there is probably nothing more we can do

Can I cancel my order?

It is only possible to cancel your order before it has been shipped. We process orders quite quickly. If you wish to cancel your order, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible. You can only cancel your order during the opening hours of our customer service.

My size is different than what I ordered

You may not have seen it in the description, but we always note the size "On Label", this is the size that is stated in your item. We put the size that we recommend next to the size (see our disclaimer at the article). This is the size we would recommend so that you always have the best fit! It also shows the height of the model and what they normally wear so that you can compare. Vintage clothing has often been washed and therefore become smaller. And sometimes even larger than the size indicates. In addition, the sizes used to be different than they are now. An XL in the past is now a M/L.

Nevertheless, we find it annoying to hear that your items do not fit you, that is of course not the intention. You are free to return your order.


You can return your order with us unlike other vintage clothing stores. This can be done within our return period of 10 days.

Can I return to you?

Yes, that's possible! First of all, it's a bit annoying that your item does not fit or does not meet your expectations.

This is possible within our return period of 10 days.

As soon as we have received the package, we will check the order. You will then receive a confirmation email and a refund in store credit within 10 days. You will receive this by email in your account. After this you can easily choose something else.

We use a returns portal which makes returns easy for you. Don't forget to use a # in front of your order number! Products purchased in the sale and mystery boxes cannot be returned!

How do returns work?

We will help you with all the steps so that you can return your package smoothly.

  1. Place the items you wish to return in the original packaging the items arrived in.
  2. Go to our returns page and fill in your order details. Always enter a '#' in front of your 5-digit order number.
  3. Print out the return ticket and stick it on the package.
  4. Take the package to a delivery point near you.
  5. You will receive a shop credit for the returned items within 14 days of receiving your return.
Return requirements
  • Put the item away neat (zippers, buttons, etc. closed and folded) in the packaging as you received it;
  • Return the item in the original packaging;
  • Return the item only if the product has not been visibly worn, is damaged or incomplete.

Please note: If the return does not meet the requirements, we will be forced to refuse the return.


Have you received my return?

We expect to receive your return shipment in our warehouse within 5 working days. As soon as we have received your shipment, you will receive an automatic confirmation by email. We aim to process your return within 7 working days.

Is your question not included?

Send us a message via the button below.